Oh Oh, Baby Boy!

Celebrating engaged fathers and the boys they once were

Great news! We successfully raised the funding for this book on Kickstarter in the Fall of 2011. Thank you to the 251 generous backers who are making this book real.

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Written and Illustrated by Janine Macbeth

Hardcover | 32 pages

Full color illustrations throughout

Release: Summer 2013

What does it mean to be a father in this era, this day and age, this generation? What does it mean to be raising a baby boy - who will become a man - who may become a father himself and raise his own children one day, should he choose? Now, as a mother of two, I am blessed to experience the joys of raising two boys with their truly engaged father, and I have the pleasure of witnessing the beauty of strong, gentle, powerful fatherhood.

There are many ways to build a norm of engaged fatherhood, and Oh Oh, Baby Boy! is a sweet and beautiful way to nudge that culture shift. By celebrating boys and men, and their potential to be co-creators of uplifted families, my hope is to broaden the path of engaged fatherhood. Oh Oh, Baby Boy! doesn't preach or dictate, but reflects engaged fatherhood naturally, simply, quietly. It is an homage to exceptional fathers everywhere.

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